Posted by: lizhogarty | March 12, 2013

Draw-A-Day Tuesday 12th March – Master Copy

Hi, and so to the drawing I asked you to source yesterday.  Ideally this will take longer than 10 minutes to accomplish, so I think that this once we will split the drawing over two (or even three) days.  To start, turn your picture you are copying upside-down, which will immediately confuse your left brain, and make it harder for you to ‘name’ what you are drawing.  Hopefully, you will now see much more clearly in terms of pure line and shape.  Now set an alarm for your allotted ten minutes, or longer if you wish.  This will give you permission to lose yourself in the piece, without the need to clock-watch.  Now just draw what you see, studying exactly where each line goes, and it’s relationship to the edge of the page and to other lines and shapes and negative spaces.  Keep this going for tomorrow too, and for longer if desired, and try not to turn the picture right-way-up until you have finished.  Hand-on-heart, you should be amazed at how well you can draw… just like the great masters.

See you on Thursday.


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