Posted by: lizhogarty | April 8, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 8th April – Leonardo Week

Good morning all, and after an exhausting weekend coffee-making for a  dog agility event in Swindon, I thought I would hand over to a true master of drawing this week, and have a rest!
Leonardo Da Vinci, in my opinion, drew like an angel. His work is beautiful, and by studying his mark-making we cannot help but learn. He was a true draughtsman, and of course learnt about his subjects from life, often dissecting bodies to truly learn what happens under the skin. Luckily, we have Google, so no need to go as far as that. I have selected five of his most informative and sensitive drawings, but look further, it is worth it.
For today, google his ‘vitruvian man’, which is his study of balance and proportions within the human body. I shall make a different suggestion each day this week, but if you feel ten minutes is not enough time to spend on any piece, please spend your next session there instead. All of these really deserve more time.
Study and draw as you feel you wish… perhaps you could print off the image and turn it upside-down, or study a part which interests, or use the image to produce your own interpretation.


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