Posted by: lizhogarty | April 29, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 29th April – Round The World

Hi all, and a happy monday to you.

I mentioned in the week a couple of blogs worth checking out… one in particular has some good tips for drawing techniques. You-Tube is also good for seeing how other people tackle certain subjects. One person I felt worth quoting: Josh Rowland in ‘drawing artists’ said ‘I make a point to make my next drawing the best one I have done. If you can keep the same philosophy when you are working on your drawings there is no limit to where you will be in a year’s time.’ That’s worth thinking about.

I thought that this week we could take a trip around the world. Of course different countries evoke different responses, created by the colours either in the landscape and nature, in society, or in their historical associations. This is not a colour course, it is a course on drawing, but by the process of looking and responding we can absorb so much more than just the subject of our ten-minute-sketch. So while we draw it is worth thinking of the wider picture of the country we ‘visit’ each day, and also how they express their lives through their artwork – use colour if you wish.

Today, let’s hop across to Australia, land of ‘dreamtime’ for the Aboriginies. Their artwork has a palette limited to the colour of the local rocks and sand. Ochre is predominant, and their work is steeped in symbolism and mythology, very very distinctive. Have a look, and find something which captures your interest to draw.


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