Posted by: lizhogarty | May 6, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 6th May – William Blake

Hi all, hope you are enjoying the bank holiday Monday, and let’s hope the sun shines.

I thought for this week we could have another go at our ten-minute-masterpieces.  The feedback seems to be that you all enjoyed the Mona Lisa, and that some of you new to art history appreciated being introduced to some of the great artists.

To start, let’s meet a British artist from the 18th-19th century… William Blake, poet and artist.  he wrote ‘Jerusalem’, a real British anthem, and is also well-known for his ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’.   If you google his images, you will see that although not always anatomically-correct, his human forms are quite beautiful and forceful.  He worked mainly from visions he had, and his work is greatly admired for it’s creativity and expression, although he was seen as mad by those of his time (as expected for a great artist, I suppose).  Look through and find an image, or part of, which grabs you.


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