Posted by: lizhogarty | May 8, 2013

Draw-A-Day Wednesday 8th May – Starry Starry Night

In complete contrast to Picasso, Van Gogh, our next Master, only painted for the last ten years of his life, but was equally as prolific in this time.  He was completely self-taught, and really took his artistic career seriously.  It is worth looking at the progression of his work, to see how he developed, and worked out real problems with perspective, copmpsition and palette all on his own.  He moved from the dreary palette of a Dutch winter’s sky to the full-on sunshine of the south of France, with a stop at Paris, to meet some like-minded artists of his day, and blaze a trail for some amazing Impressionists to follow not long behind.

The picture we will look at comes at the end of his career, indeed his life!  It is a wonderfully emotional piece, and deserves a ten-minute pencil-challenge. – Lots of swirls here!  Google ‘Van Gogh Starry Night’: Images


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