Posted by: lizhogarty | June 10, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 10th June – A week of boxes

Good morning, I think I would like to begin this week with a brief recap on what we can achieve, and the limitations of this blog.  My intention is to give you all ideas for subjects to draw each day, and by us all spending a small part of each day practicing our drawing skills we should see a marked improvement.  I am hopeful that the wide range of ideas should spark new creative journeys for us all… Some of the subjects we will love, and some not so much.  For myself, I have re-discovered a love of landscape, and of portraiture.  However, as this is a written blog I am unable to show technique.  I will suggest ways to create, and different materials, but it will be down to you to experiment with these.  Therefore, please let me know if you have any questions regarding technique and I will gladly help.  Alternatively, a good way to seek help is to look on you-tube.  If you type in your chosen technique there are many on-line demonstrations, and it is also useful to just browse anyway and seek new ways to express yourselves visually.

I thought that for this week we could go back to drawing from life, and look at small things which are important to us as individuals.  I like the idea of creating a series of boxes, maybe four to a page, and spending a small amount of time, maybe five minutes each square, doing a simple linedrawing of household objects which say something about you, to build up a decorative montage.  Use one object per square, and decorate and stylise as you see fit.  Maybe use a favourite mug, ornament, piece of jewellery, things you have chosen before, have a bedroom-theme, or a kitchen one, or use things from the garden.  Have a theme per day, or the same one for the entire week.  If you have forum squares per page, maybe do two five-minute sketches per day, and cover two and a half pages for the week, or do them all on one page.  Keep it simple, keep it decorative, keep it personal.  And keep it fun!

This is your drawing challenge for the whole week, so see you next Monday.

Liz x


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