Posted by: lizhogarty | July 9, 2013

Draw-A-Day Tuesday 9th July – Summer sunshine

Hi all, at last we have summer here, and guaranteed good weather for the week, so let’s make the most of it, and spend each day outside with our sketchbooks.  I am sure we can all find four things to interest us each day for ten minutes, so I will leave the choice up to you.  Look in your garden, macro-draw a flower, or sketch your favourite view of how your plants grow at the end of the garden, with glimpses of the world beyond.  Take some colours (watercolours, pastels, pencils…) into the countryside and sit by the river, draw the birds, sheep wilting in the shade, a dragonfly, your local church, capture the hazy heat of summer, or the dark shady feel of the coolness beneath the trees, draw the breeze, the clouds, water, or draw picnickers, cyclists, swimmers… just capture the feel of this week of summer, which you can remember when you look at your sketches in 6 month’s time.

See you on Monday,

Liz x


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