Posted by: lizhogarty | October 7, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 7th October – Memory Mapping

Hi.  I have been thinking a bit about hidden memories, and how they come out in surprising ways through our artwork… We are always absorbing so much from our surroundings and holding onto it all in our subconscious, and one day we are busy creating and out pops something we hadn’t realised we had held on to when we had no conscious memory of it.  I have found this in my paintings, but also through writing.

But creativity can also be as elusive as it is surprising.

There is a book which I read a few years ago called ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron, and the main premise of the book is to tap into our creativity even at times when we feel we are having a ‘dry period’.  To keep creative, we must keep creating, and so she says that one of the things we should do is to write three pages every morning, whether we have something to say or not.  The emphasis is on having an open door for our creativity to come back through, as indeed it always does.  I am happy to replace writing with drawing, as creativity comes in many forms!  But at times, the writing has been important, and it has been amazing what I have recalled.  So let’s this week dig into our memories and see what comes up which we had forgotten about.

I thought that we could begin with a memory-map for want of a better word.  Remember a childhood home, begin maybe with your bedroom or a room you remember well, and draw a plan of it.  Now work outwards, draw a plan of the other rooms, the whole house, the street, the neighbourhood,  add nearby shops, alleyways, parks, friend’s houses, anything you can recall, and see how many gaps you can fill… remember things you had forgotten.  Label what you can, make it your own memory of a forgotten childhood place, unique to you and your experiences.



  1. good one ,thank you.

    • Thanks, Peronel, all feedback is appreciated, so please keep comments coming.

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