Posted by: lizhogarty | October 11, 2013

Draw-A-Day Friday 11th October – ‘Me’-time

The idea of looking into our memories is to stir up reminders of what made us as we are, and is a good way of unlocking creativity in a fun and personal way.  Our journey together is with an emphasis on drawing to improve our skills, but without creative ideas we may struggle sometimes to have things to say.  I find at times like these, that processes such as what we have done this week can be a good kick-start to getting ideas going again.

Referring back to the book I spoke about on Monday, another good way is to have what is called an ‘appointment with ourselves’.  She recommends that once a week we take some time to do exactly what we want to do.  No that doesn’t include things we think we should be doing, but taking some time to go to see an exhibition, or rummage in a bookshop, or sit having a coffee in town and people-watch, or walk down a country lane and breathe deeply.  So today, take ten minutes and do something which you are drawn to do, enjoy it, and ABSORB!

Have a good weekend,

Liz x


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