Posted by: lizhogarty | November 18, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 18th November – My List

Hi, when I first thought about the concept of this blog, I thought it would be an idea to list 365 things to draw, which I did. Over the past few months I have used some of these ideas, but have often thought of new ideas to run as a week’s theme, including looking at different artists, movements, techniques, and of course travelling to different places. So I thought it would be good to refer back to my original list for the next couple of weeks, and find some fun things to draw.

As with the more recent posts, I will just give the subject, with no suggestions. This I hope will give you more scope to interpret as you choose, so please remember all the methods, materials, styles and responses we have looked at over the months. Please use any source material you wish, and please remember that it is often fun to use none at all, and rely on our imagination alone.

Today, draw a bird… in a nest… in a tree.


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