Posted by: lizhogarty | December 16, 2013

Draw-A-Day Monday 16th December – Winter Holidays

Hi everyone, and happy Christmas. I guess if you are like me the next three weeks are going to be fairly packed. Maybe we will have time for our drawing, but I can see it taking a sideline, and if so it is something to come back to as things quieten down. It will take a true enthusiast to even read the e-mail on Christmas Day, let alone drag their sketchbook and pencils out… but maybe I’m wrong there!
I shall be away for part of the time, so I thought that for the next three weeks I shall give you a selection of Christmas and Winter themes, which you can mix and match, a mish-mash of songs, poems, symbols, moods and traditions. As always, the subject is simply there to provide a theme, and hopefully to ignite imagination which will lead to other avenues – to be explored.

Today, a well-known song: ‘A Partridge…in a Pear Tree’ – something traditional, symmetrical, simple.


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