Posted by: lizhogarty | January 6, 2014

Draw-A-Day Monday 6th January – Looking to Photography

Hello, I thought that this week we could look at the different ways that photography can be useful to us as a drawing aid. I use my phone-camera a lot to keep records, publish on Facebook to get feedback, show stages of a piece, and also to help me to see my work objectively. But for the purpose of this week’s work, let us look at some useful aspects of black-and-white photography.

To begin, black and white photography is a wonderful aid to seeing objects tonally. When we do a tonal sketch it is often challenging to decipher between tone and colour. Set up a simple still-life, with a good range of tonal values, take a picture, convert to black-and-white, and draw using this as your greyscale aid. This is often very useful, and worth remembering for drawing, which after all is about tone rather than colour.


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