Posted by: lizhogarty | January 27, 2014

Draw-A-Day Monday 27th January – The Space Between

Hi everyone, and welcome to the last week of this draw-a-day blog.  I hope that you will agree that it has been quite a journey, and I really hope that you can look back and see that along the way you have improved your drawing skills, perception and creativity.

This week, we shall re-cap on some thoughts we have had on technique, which at the end of the day goes hand-in-hand with the creative process.  after all, it is all about experimentation and pushing your tools as much as your ideas.

An important aspect to consider when drawing is the negative spaces, which are equally as valid as the positive ones.  By studying what is going on around the subject you can pick up clues to help with the accuracy of your drawing… seek a vertical or horizontal line which will help to establish angles, look for natural frames, and objects to help relative sizes.  and of course, look for the shapes of the spaces between, to help depict the shapes of the main subjects.  It is always better to think in terms of the shapes and angles rather than what the subject is… when these are established, then stand back and ask ‘does this really look like Aunt Maud/that table/a monkey up a tree?’  If not, then re-check your shapes, angles, negative spaces.


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