Posted by: lizhogarty | January 29, 2014

Draw-A-Day Wednesday 29th January – Master of all You Hold

Know your tools… take time to really find out what they can do.  Experiment with mixing them, trying out new pens, find ones you love, see the benefits of waterproof ones, and the benefits of the non-permanent varieties.  take your pencils and see how many different marks you can make with them, then try with your charcoal, your watercolour pencils, your charcoal pencils, conte crayons.  If you do not have any of these, put them on your birthday list.  Go to art shops, art shows, demonstrations, seek out all the wonderful mark-makers and find out what they can do.  There are more and more coming onto the market all the time, and they can produce some wonderful effects. But, whatever you have to hand, be it a simple pencil and paper, be the master of it, know it well.


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