Posted by: lizhogarty | January 31, 2014

Draw-A-Day Friday 31st January – Follow Your Heart

Hi, and here we are on the last day of Draw-A-Day, and here I am wondering what my final and most important piece of advice is that I can leave with you. I think it has to be about your own personal creativity. I would agree with Nike when they say ‘JUST DO IT!’. Draw what you love, what captures your imagination, what you are ‘drawn’ to, what you are interested in. If you have no ideas then take a metaphorical pin, close your eyes, and stab at one of the entries from our past year together. It doesn’t matter what it is, and if you keep doing that, your own ideas will flow, I guarantee that. But ideas can’t flow, creativity won’t happen, skills can never improve if we do not have that pencil in our hand!
Everyone has creative dry-times at times, they are as inevitable as our own bio-rhythms, and are often linked to them! There is nothing we can do about that, they are part of the creative process. But what we can do is to accept this, and draw anyway, or find other ways to create.
I have found these creative deserts at times, and one book which really helped me to understand this is by Julia Cameron: The Artist’s Way. It is written for writers, but is equally as relevant to the artist, and where she talks of writing daily, we have the choice to write, draw, or do both. I found the book very helpful as a discipline, and my daughter read it and went on to write a novel!
I am unsure how many of you have stayed til the bitter end with me… if there is anyone still out there, I would welcome some feedback as to how useful my blogs have been. I intend this year to continue the draw-a-day personally by drawing either a landscape or a portrait a day, and I hope you too will continue.

Have a good… creative life!

Liz x



  1. Hi Liz
    I have only just found your draw a day. So have looked back over the last year to see what you have been suggesting. I have tried to do some more drawing and have enjoyed your suggestions for inspiring artists and websites. Please continue.
    I did a one day workshop with you at Cogges farm last year, hope you may do something similar this next season.

    • Hi Anne, good to hear form you. I decided to run the blog for a year, and the final day is today, but it is now a complete course which can be used at any time… A year’s supply of ideas! Please use the blog… It means you won’t receive the e- mails but each day is archived. I began on February 4th 2013, so begin on February 3rd, and work through the year, or dip in as you like. Liz

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