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Draw-A-Day Monday 13th January – Exploring a Subject

Hi everyone. As we come into the last three weeks of my blog, I thought it would be good to recap the past year and pick out some key points to consider for your drawing future. I have always found that creativity and art in general is full of contradictions, the biggest of these being the necessity for detail while keeping a sense of freedom within the work, not letting it become too ‘tight’. This comes from a sense of love for the process and the subject, and so this is the main thing to consider when choosing your subject. We have looked at many things to draw over the past year, and it is good for all of us to look at what we have created and to decide which we responded to the most… these are clues to your creative journey.

As a good starting point for this week, let’s take something we have enjoyed drawing. Today, do a detailed study of this. Tomorrow, take five sheets of photocopying paper and do a two-minute drawing on each of the same subject. Try left-handed, or using a variety of tools, and have fun mark-making.
Then on Wednesday draw something incorporating the two aspects, whichever you prefer… Either by beginning with a detailed drawing and embellish with some flourishes, or begin loosely and then work in with detail… or both! Hopefully this will inspire other drawings. And remember there are many ways to explore a given subject, so for Thursday let’s play with our drawings we have produced so far this week, choose one which looks promising, and add some colour. 

Always, always, when you work, it is best to work with your instincts… do what you love.  So for Friday, take ten minutes to create something from your studies this week which is what YOU want to say about it, in your own way, bearing in mind the contradictory ideas of ‘loose yet detailed’.  This is the essence of artwork which is true to you.

Liz x

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Draw-A-Day Friday 10th January – Edweard Muybridge

Another legend- Muybridge was the first photographer to capture movement. He was able to show the world how a horse moved, so no more paintings of horses galloping with all legs outstretched. Again, look him up on Wiki, and look at the wealth of ‘images’ of many subjects. Today’s cameras are fully able to capture movement, so have a go at taking a picture of someone or something mid-movement, or use one of Muybridge’s works, and translate into a ten-minute drawing.

Have a good weekend,

Liz x

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 9, 2014

Draw-A-Day Thursday 9th January – Google

today, google ‘black and white photographs’, choose one which grabs, and draw tonally.

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 8, 2014

Draw-A-Day Wednesday 8th January – Karl Blossfeldt

Google Karl Blossfeldt and have a look at some of the most beautiful black and white photos ever produced… all on his home-made camera. You can read about his life on Wikipedia, but in a nutshell he produced the pieces from the plants which grew locally, as a drawing aid for his students. When published, the photos recieved world-acclaim, and still inspire many, especially architects and sculptors. I never tire of looking at his work… so perfect, simple and detailed. Find an image you love and draw that today.

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 7, 2014

Draw-A-Day Tuesday 7th January – Flat Pics

Another use for photography, though not necessarily black and white here, is to see complex scenes which are very 3-dimensional, with maybe multiple perspectives or angles we find hard to believe, is to take a photo and see the scene 2-dimensionally. This then translates far easier fro us to then represent it with the correct depth. This is useful for a townscape, or maybe an unusual way someone is sitting, or anything which seems complex. Try taking a photo of something you find challenging, such as those mentioned above, or maybe an interior of a room or cafe, or an interesting angle of a building. Use this as your aid for your drawing, comparing it to the image from life, to see how it helps.

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 6, 2014

Draw-A-Day Monday 6th January – Looking to Photography

Hello, I thought that this week we could look at the different ways that photography can be useful to us as a drawing aid. I use my phone-camera a lot to keep records, publish on Facebook to get feedback, show stages of a piece, and also to help me to see my work objectively. But for the purpose of this week’s work, let us look at some useful aspects of black-and-white photography.

To begin, black and white photography is a wonderful aid to seeing objects tonally. When we do a tonal sketch it is often challenging to decipher between tone and colour. Set up a simple still-life, with a good range of tonal values, take a picture, convert to black-and-white, and draw using this as your greyscale aid. This is often very useful, and worth remembering for drawing, which after all is about tone rather than colour.

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 3, 2014

Draw-A-Day Friday 3rd January – midwinter Landscape

One last Christmas song ringing in my ears… In The Bleak Midwinter. This is worthy of a drawing – think greys, think minimal palette, think simple shapes and silhuettes – in other words, look out of the window.

Have a good weekend.
Liz x

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 2, 2014

Draw-A-Day Thursday 2nd January – Music

Today, have a go at drawing people dancing, or draw something inspired by a piece of music.

Posted by: lizhogarty | January 1, 2014

Draw-a-Day Wednesday 1st January – 2014!

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a fresh new year ready to be turned into whatever we would like it to be. Maybe today, instead of drawing it would be worth spending ten minutes thinking of what we would like from the year and how we can achieve it.

Posted by: lizhogarty | December 31, 2013

Draw-a-Day Tuesday 31st December – Out in the Cold

Today, draw an eskimo, either from memory or google to find an image (unless you know one to draw from life!).

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